Arrangement of Sitting at Head Table During Wedding Reception

It’s unpleasant to disappoint them, but the number of seats is one of the least pleasant parts of wedding planning. In addition to determining which combination of cousins, colleagues and childhood friends will be the best companion at a meal, you need to determine who can have dinner with the guests of honor (I know – you).

If you circle the treasure table and stand in front of the main table and in the center, we have some ideas about who you would like to invite to sit next to you.

First, put it on in an optimal place.

Before deciding who will sit at the main table, it is important to place it in an optimal place in your reception room. If your tables are located around the dance floor, then the main table should be located directly in front of the group or the DJ closest to the dance floor, and the newlyweds should lean around the hall (to better see a toast). If dinner and dancing are held in different halls, place the main table in the center of the hall and place the guests around it.
The main table should be in the center and center of attention, positioned so that the happy couple can keep an eye on their family and friends.

So, who is sitting where?

Traditionally, the newlyweds sit in the center of the table, and the bride sits to the right of the groom. Same-sex couples can freely sit down at will. In order for men and women to sit at the table, they put the best man next to the bride, and the bridesmaid next to the groom. Of course, since you are one of your closest friends or siblings, you can exchange it so that the bridesmaid is next to the bride, and the best man is next to the groom.

Depending on the size of your wedding party, only bridesmaids and groomsmen can sit at this table (who must take turns to keep the ratio of men to women), or, for a smaller wedding party or a larger table, any participant in the wedding party can sit next to you. If you have free seats, the last option is preferable – so that you do not take your sister’s husband to another table. If you prefer to have dinner with your family, refrain from the wedding celebration and instead invite your parents, siblings to join you at the main table. Put the bride’s parents next to the bride, the groom’s parents next to the groom, the siblings on the remaining seats and enjoy your first dinner with a big happy family.

When it comes to nannies (flower girls and ring wearers), take into account their age and their relationship with them. If you are old enough to eat with mature who are not your parents without feeling uncomfortable, give them a place at the head of the table. It is a pleasant honor, and you will definitely feel special. If you are younger, but your parents are attending a wedding celebration, do the same. For young children whose parents are sitting at the reception in a different place, it will probably be more pleasant for them to sit with mom and dad together.

If only the wedding participants are sitting at the main table, make sure that you provide places of honor for your parents at the neighboring tables, where they can see you and your new spouse and be seen by other guests. Trust us – your parents will want to take a place in the front row for these speeches and the first dance.