Creative Entrance for Your Reception

Why should you hold a regular big concert at your wedding, if you can arrange something extraordinary? After all, this is your important day. Whether you work with an unlimited budget or you don’t have to spend so much money, there are so many ways to come to your wedding celebration in style.

1. Organize a flash mob with your wedding party

What could be better than to surprise your guests with a flash mob that only your wedding party knows about? Regina Osgood, owner of Meant2Be Events, had a couple who chose this route, and it was a great success. “The wedding party was missed as usual, but they were shocked by what happened next,” she tells us. “As soon as the groom and the bride were announced, the DJ changed the song and asked the guest room to go to the dance floor, where the flash mob began. Everyone has been talking about it all evening.”

2. Act big or go home

For brides, whose wedding budget knows no bounds, nothing will be more pleasant than flying to the reception by helicopter. The organizer of weddings and events, Courtney Hammons from a magical affair, has seen literally everything. “We recently had a couple who performed the Kabuki trick for his big performance,” she says. But your favorite? A couple who came to her reception on a ski boat.

3. Use a large “built-in” input

“Many restaurant rooms have spectacular entrances, for example a walk through the floor in a glass elevator or a look behind the scenes,” says Lynn Jawitz, owner of Florisan Wedding and Event Design in New York City.

4. try a rose petal, confetti or a drop of balloon

All this can be done expensively or inexpensively, without leaving home, depending on the approach, notes Kelsey Doury, founder and CEO of Vow To Be Chic. For example, you can buy a few thousand rose petals online inexpensively (less than a hundred dollars) to create a beautiful and fun decor, she says.

5. Hosting a show

Impress your guests with your own talents. “Dance a break dance on the dance floor, sing for the crowd or find yourself a great costume or mask,” recommends Florida wedding organizer Aviva Samuels of peck the Planner. Snow blowers, fog machines and confetti cannons will also somewhat enliven the situation.