Guide to Fold Napkins at Your Wedding Reception

Table setting is an incredibly important aspect of wedding decor, which can often be neglected. It not only combines ceremony and reception and conveys your entire vision of an important day, but it is also the first thing that your guests will welcome at the reception and that they will watch all night (except you, of course). Let it flow. Table linen, cutlery and decorations don’t seem so trivial anymore, do they?

You want to make sure that what you place in front of your guests is effective, yet simple enough to easily fit into a more spacious decor. What is the easiest way to achieve this? Focus on the bedding. Avoid annoying creases on napkins and instead decorate your wedding table with creative and exquisite napkin styles that your guests have never seen before.

From elegantly tied towels to perfectly draped sheets, these eight ideas will take your welcome blanket to a new level.

Tied napkins

Soft washed linen napkins will make your table soft and relaxing. Tie them into an elegant knot and place each napkin on the salad plates of the guests, using color-matching cutlery to tie the wedding palette together.

Lots of folded towels

For a laid-back, laid-back look, put a rolled-up towel-with or without a ribbon-on each plate. Be sure to coordinate the linen shades by choosing a napkin color that matches (but does not necessarily match) the shade of your table linen.

Draped napkins

If you are not going to place plates on each guest’s terrace (often when you have a buffet, as guests come to pick up their plates at the catering station), you will need to find another way to mark each guest’s place. This is a simple solution: drape each guest’s napkin from the edge of the table — this will help outline each terrace and give a pleasant shade to the entire landscape of the table.

Loosely assembled napkins

Complete the laid-back, lush flower center with an equally laid-back patio. Instead of folding napkins into a narrow rectangle, assemble them loosely; add a beautifully calligraphically designed postcard and tie it with a suitable ribbon.