Know Before Ordering Wedding Brunch

The truth is: people love brunch almost as much as they love weddings. So it is logical that it is only a matter of time before couples combine these two activities to create the perfect wedding celebration. Maybe you like a church where only the ceremonies take place in the morning, or maybe you and your fiance just don’t like drinking and dancing at traditional receptions.

Whatever the reason, if you are for a brunch wedding, you should consider these nine points before you start organizing the morning event.

1. Your day will start very early

Preparing for the wedding anniversary is not a joke: hairstyle, make-up and finishing touches will take several hours, no matter what time you want to go to the altar. If you are interested in a wedding brunch, you should consult your suppliers in advance for more detailed information about the schedule: how long does it take for your hairdresser to stow you and your bridesmaids with different hair structure? Does the makeup artist want everyone to cut their hair before starting? Is it possible that in this place (including the church, if this is included in your plans) everything will be exhibited on the eve, except flowers and food?
Otherwise, how long — and how much work — will it take before you can start work before noon? Depending on the details of your important day, you may be able to work in a tight schedule that starts before sunrise.

2. Some guests may not come

The morning hours cause problems for customers who usually work on weekends. “You know your guests,” says Tracie Domino, founder and creative director of Tracie Domino Events in Florida. “If all your guests have their own business and have to work on Saturdays, they may find it difficult to get there.” Think about your company before deciding on a wedding brunch, or at least be prepared to get a portion of remorse.

3. You spend less time with family and friends

Sometimes the pre-wedding wedding celebrations can be as special as the reception: sipping a mimosa during the hairstyle and make-up, handing out gifts to your maid and preparing photos that may seem silly at the moment, but are some of your most beautiful photo memories. If you decide to arrange a wedding brunch, you can always take advantage of these moments, but if you need time, it’s hard to stop and take everything into account. You can also exchange the mimosa for caffeinated coffee or tea before the wedding — after waking up in the morning and a busy morning, you will not want to yawn in front of the altar.

4. The reception will be more relaxed

A wedding brunch differs not only from the evening event, but also from the time of day. On the one hand, “no one puts on glitter at 10 o’clock,” says Domino. A wedding with a after breakfast is more like a garden party or a mixed bridal shower, and it can be something that your guests are looking forward to. “Turning a brunch into a fashion show is a bit of fun,” says Domino. Gentlemen can opt for striped suits, bright trousers and playful bow ties, which they rarely wear.