Most Beautiful Ways to Decorate Wedding with Candles

Okay, let’s just say: a candle is mandatory at all wedding-related events. After all, this is the key to a successful party. Reason: it is well known that people have more fun in a dirty room.

And although we all want a fun wedding, there is another advantage of the candle that excites us even more: appearance. As you will see in this magnificent photo gallery (with photos of real wedding celebrations), an open flame is nothing but breathtaking REAL and on film. Seriously, choosing our favorite candlelight photos was not an easy task in itself. This is because all this flickering flame emits an amber glow, which is generally pleasant. Yes, it means that you, your partner and all your guests will look even more beautiful in a room lit by candles — think of it as the original Valencia filter. (And if you don’t believe us, feel free to consult with your photographer to get a second opinion.)

Are you asking how exactly they will light up your reception or ceremonial room? Here, of course, we interfere. Below are 31 examples of a perfectly thought-out decor with accents in the form of candles. From conical candles (long and thin) on elegant countertops to column candles (the thickest and largest) inside the fireplace or on the edge of the stairs – you will definitely find the right lighting for your wedding.

Read on to understand exactly what we are talking about and find inspiration for your dreams. We look forward to seeing how beautiful their wedding looks when it is projected in a flattering, romantic glow.

Candelabra arrangement

Place large golden candelabra on the tables to create an image of a formal evening. As this marriage designed by Tara Gerard proves, you can easily lift an otherwise simple screen.

Hanging by vow

Here votive candles suspended in geometric balls make this industrial wedding venue so romantic. And, of course, additional columns and vows on the floor won’t hurt either.

Use plain white candles

Simple white candles can add a lot of necessary light (but not too much) to a dark, gloomy room.

Put candles on poles and hang lamps

You know, when they say “more means more,” well, this wedding in Chicago is a perfect example of that. We like how these pillar candles are used in groups on tables, as well as in the aforementioned pendant lights.