Rent for Your Wedding

Do you want to know what to rent for a wedding and what to buy? We are here to help you. When planning a wedding, you have an understanding: you spend a lot of money in one day. The desire to buy all this is natural. That makes it an investment, doesn’t it? Not quite. Although it may be tempting to buy something (for sale, of course), sometimes renting wedding supplies is affordable, more affordable and reduces the likelihood of serious headaches. Question #1 you should ask yourself: Will I really use this article after this?

Check out this list to find out when to rent out Amex and when to sign a lease agreement.

What to buy

Regardless of whether you want to keep it for a long time after the wedding or adapt it for the whole day, these are the things that you better own.

Your wedding dress or suit

Although we are all in favor of renting clothes for pre-wedding parties and stag parties, we believe that buying your wedding dress is mandatory. Buying your dress or suit guarantees that it will fit your body and look absolutely perfect when you walk down the aisle. If you are worried that you will never wear it again, consider buying an evening dress or a non-white color. Then you can donate to another fantasy party in the future. And who said that you still need to wear white on your wedding day?

Wedding jewelry and accessories

“I don’t have any celebrities who borrowed jewelry on their wedding days,” says Jesse Tombs, managing partner at Alison Events. “Don’t you want to own the necklace you wore on your wedding day? I know I would.”Of course, not everyone can afford a million dollar ball, but you can buy something within your budget. Forever appreciate it for its sentimental value and add it to your family heirloom, Tombs adds. “This is much more important in my book.”The same goes for your clutch and shoes that you can wear after the wedding.
Tuxedo or groom’s suit

As for the wedding dress, grooms should consider buying a tuxedo or suit for several reasons. Firstly, you are guaranteed the best fit, as the appearance suits your body. If you rent, you will get the most suitable tuxedo, but it probably won’t be perfect. Even if you buy a suit by mail, a quick visit to the tailor to pick up the sleeves and legs of the trousers can look very similar to a custom-made outfit. Secondly, you can customize the look exactly the way you like, especially if you are sewing your suit.
Add a fun lining to show off your personality, or embroider your partner’s name and wedding date on the bag. You can even add a contrasting lapel for added appeal, for example, a black satin lapel over a velvet jacket of forest green.

Custom Signage

While you can rent regular signage to guide guests to your ceremony, reception and more, creating something suitable for you ensures that you can hang something on your walls forever. “We had a client who created a custom neon sign that now hangs on the wall in their living room,” says Tombs. “It’s something you can keep forever to remember your day.”Even simple calligraphic signs in a bar with branded drinks look more authentic and can be even affordable than renting.