Speech Tips For Mother of the Bride

Pick up the glasses for moms who take the microphone at wedding receptions to make their own speech to the mother of the bride (why should all the fun be to the dads?). Although we know that mothers are actually superhuman beings with an infinite spectrum of abilities, public appearances can be an achievement that can shake even the heroes among us — not to mention the additional stream of mixed emotions that will be present throughout the day.

If you make a warm speech in front of a crowd of newly-made family members and relatives of your husband, you will definitely be a little nervous, and we can not refuse to find the right words to convey everything that you feel first. But rest assured, moms, we have a guide to help you calm your mind and strengthen your spirit. We have invited three experts: Amy Abbott, Paulette Alkir and Kylie Carlson, CEO of Wedding Academy Global, to guide you through the process of preparing a professional speech for the mother of the bride.
Mother of the Bride speech patterns
Just as all mothers are unique, and there are no two identical relations between mother and daughter, the speech of the bride’s mother will be very personal for her and for the connection they share. However, there are some components that should be present in your toast. Here is a general overview so you can get started.

1. Confirm your result. Any remarkable speech should begin with a few words of gratitude to the people who gathered to participate in the celebration with you. You can turn this into a full-fledged greeting to greet guests when they make the first speech in the event schedule.

2. Greet your new son-in-law or his new sister-in-law. Not a single speech of the bride’s mother would have been complete without a warm greeting to her daughter’s new partner. Abbott explains that a good way to honor your new son or sister-in-law is to understand that you feel that you are attracting a new family member and that you are pleased, and to point out how you have changed or supplemented your daughter for the better.

3. Decide to share happy memories. When choosing memories, focus on positive and happy moments – telling a story that highlights how your daughter overcame something unpleasant or embarrassing should not be shared on her wedding day. Never mention past relationships or marriages and do not talk about unfulfilled dreams. Just talk about the best memories from your daughter’s life.

4. Highlight your achievements. Theoretically, the guests should already know what the bride is doing for a living. It is completely useless to describe in detail all your achievements. It’s nice to say how proud you are of your achievements, and to mark one or two, but you don’t need to list each of your achievements at a wedding to emphasize your point of view.

Tips of the mother of the bride on speech

Here are the best tips from our experts to write and deliver your mother’s speech at the wedding.

1. Write down your thoughts on paper. This memorable event is probably not the best time to fly away. Whether you use markers or a plan, be sure to write down everything you want to say to your daughter in your speech so that you don’t miss anything special. “Start the process informally by simply writing down everything you want to make sure, from good memories to love tips for the newlyweds. If you outline this on paper, you will notice that the organic flow can develop rapidly,” says Carlson.

2. Do not forget to stop and breathe. When your nerves start to lose, you can start scrolling through your speech; take a deep breath and remember that it is helpful to take a break. “A lot of people forget how powerful a break can be. If your nerves are starting to lose, take a moment to gather your strength before continuing. Most guests will take advantage of this silence and give them time to fully experience the last feeling they shared. Concentrate by making eye contact with the bride, take a breath and move on,” says Alkir.

3. Don’t feel obligated to be funny. Of course, humor is great, but if you are not a cheerful person by nature, do not go beyond your possibilities on the most important day for your daughter. Just be yourself, sincere and honest. The rest will come and your daughter will love it.

4. Practice before the wedding. Write your speech to the mother of the bride long before the wedding so that you have enough time to practice. “Try to say the speech out loud yourself, do it with a few trusted friends or family members, and then set it aside for a while. This will give you time to return to the performance after a week or two with a new approach. You want to increase the preparation time for the last month. Regardless of the performance, the quieter the presenters are, the more practice there is,” says Carlson.

5. Avoid inside jokes. You can have awesome inside jokes that will make your daughter laugh, but no one else will find them funny. “Avoid inside jokes so that everyone can listen,” says Alkir.