Transport your wedding party and guests on the wedding day

It is the small details that will make your wedding day special. From flower arrangements to decoration – all the elements of your significant day will be combined into one event that you will never forget. If you are already stuck on the planning, there is one important thing that you should not forget: the wedding transport.

It is absolutely necessary to take care that you, your wedding party and your guests arrive on time for the ceremony. So, what opportunities do you have and when should you start looking at funny vehicles to get your job done? Wedding organizers Samantha Goldberg and Lindsey Nickel will tell you everything you need to know about planning a wedding transport.

If you need a wedding transport

It is likely that you will need some kind of wedding transport for your event. However, the number of vehicles you will need will depend on your guests and where you are organizing the reception and ceremony. The first step in planning your transport is to find out what you need and at what time of the day.

“Transportation is usually necessary when you’re hosting a big wedding party and you need to get your group together to take photos, get to the church or meeting point on time, and much more, depending on your needs,” says Goldberg.

“It is also important to give participants who come from outside the city the opportunity to travel by bus. You should keep in mind that you do not live in this place, and this can cause some concern about how to move around. The safety of your guests and your wedding party is the key to a successful wedding day.”

Who needs a wedding transport


Of course, you and your partner need an effective way to get back from the place of the ceremony and reception. This is self-evident. You may also want to rent a transport for your wedding celebration in order to arrive at the place on time.

“When ordering a transport, do not forget about the wedding celebration,” explains Nickel. “Often a smaller vehicle, such as a sprinter, is a great way to bring a wedding party to a place if you are not preparing on the spot. This can be done in two layers so that the couple does not see each other.”

“It’s nice to have a wedding party together, because it allows everyone to come on time and be together,” says Goldberg. “The new trend is that [the couple] gets together in a big limousine or a party bus so that they can celebrate their wedding in advance. It relieves [couples] when they have certain places to take pictures and everyone comes at the same time, simplifies the schedule.

Guests at the wedding

If your budget allows, you can make sure that all your guests are transported. This is especially important if you have guests coming to the wedding from another city and their hotel rooms are not located near the venue or reception.

The average cost of transportation to the wedding

Next, let’s talk about the cost of transportation for your wedding. “Budgeting for transportation should be an important factor on your list of mandatory things,” says Goldberg. “Prices vary depending on the type of transport. For example, a large limousine for 12-14 people can cost in three hours, and most fleet companies usually require at least three hours.”

She continues: “Shuttles or party buses, depending on how long it takes. They are usually at your disposal and ask how long you have to stay at each event and whether you will receive the last transfer back to the hotel of your choice. Carts are always an interesting option in cities rich in culture and attractive to the eye. Depending on the time and the number of trips you need to take your wedding party or guests to where they are or where they need to be.”

When to order a wedding transport

Are you starting to plan your event? It is best to order a beautiful wedding transport in advance. Postponing this part of the wedding planning at the last minute is a sure way to disaster. Make it a real priority from the very beginning.

“Be sure to order the wedding transport in advance,” advises Nickel. “The number of vehicles and staff is limited – even in large cities – so book in advance to meet the schedule. Find out about the minimum hours for each vehicle. Do not forget about the transport for your afterparty – do not assume that a rental car will be available until after at night, especially in places outside the big city.”

Tips for booking

Are you ready to move and order a wedding transport? Before diving, you may want to take some advice from experts to make sure you check all the boxes. Here are four things you need to keep in mind: