Wedding Reception Tables

From the yacht club to the ballroom and the beach, the wedding party is full of logistical decisions that you make again and again in the months leading up to your momentous day. Perhaps the most important decision (after choosing a place, of course) is to know exactly how the room will be combined. In addition to the design elements, the question is “Who will sit where? how many tables can we place in this room?” and “How many people will actually be sitting at this table?”

Wedding planner Haley Kelly takes all this into account when creating a plan with her clients and knows that with so many options, there is an ideal reception organization for all kinds of couples and celebrations. It can be easy to be guided by the styles and the number of guests and determine the best table configuration for the reception, especially if one takes into account the necessary changes due to appropriate social distancing protocols.

round table

The round tables are an excellent addition to a “family” ambience and can be executed in almost any room style, from an open-air reception in a tent to a country club. The standard sizes make round tables available in sizes 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″, with enough space for 2-4 people, 4-6 people, 8 people or 10 people at the table. “When it comes to social distancing, the rules are different in every state and county, but we usually see four guests at a table this size to give guests enough space,” says Kelly.

Rectangular tables

Depending on the length, the rectangular tables can accommodate both a larger group of 10 people and a narrower group of only four people. “I usually use a large size rectangular table that measures 4 x 8 feet,” Kelly shares. “For lunch while sitting, this provides more space for a charger, glassware and more, while there is enough space for flowers in the middle of the table.” Ideal for outdoor reception (with or without awning) a rectangular table creates a kind of symmetry throughout the room.

On the other hand, in terms of recovery, you may have some difficulties associated with rectangular tables. “Depending on the type of service and the number of servers available, you may need more servers to be able to serve a large party at one table,” warns Kelly. “Technically, you have to serve the entire table at the same time, but if you have 40 people at one table, it means that you need 20 waiters to be able to pose at the same time. With an eight-story table, you only need four waiters. I find it more natural to place a rectangular table instead of placing four people on each side and two at each end.”

Square tables

Ideal for a small and dedicated guest list, square tables continue to occupy the first place on the list of options for accommodating guests at the reception. Thanks to the larger area, a square table can easily accommodate a larger decor (flowers or something else) and always give guests a feeling of coziness. Square tables resemble round tables, as they are suitable for almost any reception area. The typical sizes of the squares are 3’x3′, 4’x4′ and 5’x5′, which means that if you take into account glassware and several different dishes, you will have slight difficulties with four or twelve people. Landlords do not always have a sufficient number of tables in this form when it comes to rented tables, the most common in the past being round and rectangular tables.